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The driverless taxi in Schwarzenegger's 90s flick, Total Recall. Could this be our future?

Regional buses are a great way to sneak a morning snooze, save money on gas, and dodge the responsibility of maneuvering through the annoying, often dangerous, commuter traffic (not to mention the environmental benefits). Local buses, on the other hand, are a way to connect the community; they grant independence to individuals that can’t afford to, refuse to, or are too impaired to drive a vehicle. However, one can’t hep but find the irony in observing a local bus voyage their city route with too few passengers on board. A marginally loaded bus seems counter productive.

Improving the existing bus systems sounds good in theory, but any other vehicle or rail car that puts three or more strangers together should be faster, cheaper, more convenient, and downright greener than the conventional system. There is a need for a public transportation system that is more personal, and long withstanding; something that altogether improves the way we get around town. Here is yet another positive initiative for the Google driverless car — a Google driverless taxi for local transportation.

The age of the driverless car is quickly approaching, and it’s hard to resist entertaining the thought of this luxury. Glitches aside for now, the driverless taxi would ensure quick commutes by responding to one or multiple calls/texts, execute its algorithms for pick up and journey mileage, and communicate to the passenger(s) the expected time of arrival.

Can’t a little smart phone do half of that already?

It may be a step back to invest money in restoring an outdated and inefficient mode of mass transit. Yes, there are drawbacks for driverless cars on the surface but, these have already been extensively tested and endorsed by a few states. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, Google CEO Sergey Brin is quoted as predicting self-driving vehicles to enter Californian traffic within the next five years.  The idea that these vehicles could shuttle around citizens locally (and efficiently) sparks yet another reason to get excited about the newest in Smart Transportation. It’s greener, quicker, and fills the void of the empty bus seats without compromising convenience.

Maybe Arnold wasn’t so far fetched in his movie, Total Recall.


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