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Many of us make long car trips, which can be both tiring and boring. But they can also put a strain on your car, so it is vital that you repair your car so that it is ready to do the mileage. It is always best to prepare for long car trips well in advance and do a few little bits and pieces. In this article we provide you with some advice on how best to prepare for these long car journeys.

It is best to get any major repairs done to your car before you set off on a long journey. Any routine check-ups that the car might need should also be done before you set off.

It is always best to check your engine coolant, especially if you are going to a particularly warm location. You or a mechanic can check that you have the correct mixture of antifreeze and water in your car. If you do have to change your coolant then do it before you set off on your journey. Have you considered purchasing a new car recently? If you have, then give the Alfa Romeo Giulietta some consideration, soon to be available in North America.

It is also very important to check your tires before you make any long journeys. You should ensure that the tires are correctly inflated to the proper pressure. You can see what the correct tire pressure should be in your car’s user manual. The tire tread is also very important to consider, so make sure that this is correct. Check the spare tire as well and ensure that it has enough air in it. Check that you have all the necessary equipment for changing a tire if you ever do need to.

If for some reason you do not have a car’s user manual or it has gone missing, then you should get a replacement. Check your glovebox to see if your do have a user manual as this is usually where it will be found. Have you ever wanted to get an Alfa Romeo car? Why not take a look at the Alfa Romeo Mito? (I want one!)

It is always nice to have a clean car before you make a long journey so ensure that your car is clean. It is always a good idea to check your air filter too. If your air filter is clogged then it will reduce your fuel economy. These are not expensive to replace and it will save you money in the long run.

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