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“I remember when gas was 29 cents. Uh-oh, who’s old in here!” My mother-in-law was chiming in to the latest heated complaints against gas prices last night. Yes, prices have been increasing and yes, prices will never substantially decrease. It’s never clear exactly why they are so high – is it a sign of a strong economy? Is it problems in the middle east? Is it the government trying to impose a higher tax to discourage drivers? (Doubt it!) Whatever it is, it is certainly aggravating.

Since February 20th of this year, we are averaging $3.78 per gallon. This is 14% higher than a month ago, and the highest on record for this time of year. It’s not easy to sift through all the information on rising gas prices, there are over 100 different articles compiled on this website alone. I uncovered a wonderful article that very clearly described how each gallon is broken down, and the four part structure includes supply and demand for oil, federal and state taxes, refining costs. and distribution and marketing costs. If you find yourself wondering, Why Are Gasoline Prices High and Rising?, chug a little bit of coffee, and give yourself a few minutes to read the informative article above.


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