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According to this article, London has recently announced a $1.4 billion bicycle investment – that is almost the entire transportation budget for the year. This is a tremendous dedication to a cycling infrastructure that promotes physical and mental health, as well as an alternative to the high costs of driving a car. It is an aggressive attempt to change the way people look at cycling, which is still considered by a surprising amount of people to be a poor person’s transport, or a lifestyle accessory, according to the article.

It was interesting to note that Portland, Oregon was perhaps the most bike friendly city in America, and has a commuting population of 5.8-percent compared to some areas of London, which see over 50-percent of commuters on bicycle.  The article begs the question, which comes first, infrastructure or riders? One study suggests that changes are not spurred by cultural factors alone, “but by government policy-makers who ‘focused on serving people, making their cities people-friendly rather than car-friendly.’ ”

Read the full article here about the new project.


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