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Kudos to FedEx for setting pollution reduction goals and achieving them by leaps and bounds. In 2008 for example, FedEx committed to increasing their global fleet fuel efficiency by 2020 from its 2005 levels – and improved by 22 percent in only 8 years. They’ve made smart changes to their fleet management by thoughtfully directing the right vehicle to each route, to cut down on wasteful traveling. They’ve also outfitted many vehicles with the smallest engine possible that can reliably do the job en route.

Next, the company is moving toward lowering the vehicle’s weight. This change will cut fuel use by 35 percent compared to their original counterparts. These changes are bringing about the huge difference in fuel use, without having to switch to all hybrid and electric vehicle fleets (they currently have about 360 hybrids and 200 EVs).

It is major companies like FedEx that, having committed to achieving environmental initiatives and surpassing them,  deserve recognition for their leadership efforts. Although we as citizens do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint, it is going to take a huge push from big companies to reduce their own pollution in order to see major changes in the next few years. FedEx will hopefully continue to make sustainable decisions with their fleet management, and may other companies follow.

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