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No matter your political association, you care about America’s environmental impact. With recycle bins on every corner, an intricate bus network, and strict air quality regulations, you feel as though your own state’s policies reflect their aim to be “environmentally sustainable.” However, as it turns out, your state’s political association does reflect its environmental friendliness.

It is clear that the majority of Americans view renewable energy in a similar way, but Democrats want to see them a lot more than Republicans. This was deduced from a poll taken by the CO2 Scorecard. People that live in Red states use an impressive 55% more energy than those in Blue states, according to the study.  Find the full article here.

This is due tot he fact that Red states tend to have weak energy efficiency policies. Different limiting factors on energy use and CO2 emissions at the state-level hinders a cohesive climate policy across the nation. And, fossil fuel industries have much more power in Republican-leaning states than in Democrat states. According to the article, “As energy conservation takes root in our society, one should expect the resistance to energy efficiency policies to only intensify in the Republican leaning states where energy producers have political edge over environmental groups.”


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