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Here at EarthGarage, we dream of the day when Earth Day is every day. We dream of a day when the human race is mobilized by solar-powered mass transit and electric cars. Some day, we hope to see at least some of ideas like driverless cars, the Schweeb, and Velo-City. Until then, we try and encourage our followers to reduce their carbon footprint by staying on top of their vehicle’s maintenance and ¬†implementing products to generate a cleaner drive.

We want to thank those who visit our site regularly, mention it to their friends, and use our information and resources. EarthGarage is a tool designed for you, the person who actively seeks to live a sustainable life, and we sincerely appreciate your attention. Although we provide information about the newest hybrid or electric cars, we understand that it’s not feasible for every single person to purchase a new vehicle for the sake of being green. We are so glad you share our outlook on sustainability and thank you for your support.

For this Earth Day, we join with you to celebrate the many ways of reducing, reusing, and recycling the things that we handle every day. We strive to provide the future generations with the cleanest planet we can by reducing our carbon footprint and prevent pollution on a local level. We will soon have more EarthGarage Certified Dealers that will help independent repair shops provide products including bio-based motor oil, advanced oil filters, silicone wiper blades, and copper-free brake pads. We look forward to joining efforts with you to make this a healthy planet for generations to come.


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