Energy efficiency is important, whether your goal is saving the planet or just saving your wallet. If you’re not sure where to begin, your smartphone has lots of great places you can start. These handy apps will point you in the right direction and help you live a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Adjust Your Appliance Usage with Green Outlet

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Tell Green Outlet about the appliances you use and the estimated time that each one is on in a given day. The app will let you know where you’re exceeding recommended usage guidelines provided by the government and give you a picture of your carbon footprint. It also translates your usage information into dollars and cents, so you can really see where the numbers on your energy bill are coming from. Armed with this information, it’s easy to pinpoint the most effective ways you can cut back.

Manage Your Thermostat from a Distance with Ecobee and Nest

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When you install the corresponding thermostat in your home, the Nest Mobile and Ecobee Smart Thermostat apps let you control the temperature of your home from your smartphone app. You can always make sure the house is a little warmer in summer or cooler in winter when you’re away for the best energy savings. If you don’t like to come home to these temperatures, just adjust before your commute and the house will always feel comfortable when you walk in the door, even if you turn off the heat and AC during the day.

Educate Yourself on Energy Usage with Energy Saving Tips

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This app is a handy way to learn more about saving energy in various ways. You don’t have to slog through an overwhelming amount of information on the Internet or hit the library to find practical and feasible ways to save energy. This app dishes them up in small and easily digestible bites. And if the information from this app sparks your interest, you can find more info here about saving energy.

Charge Your Phone Less with Battery God

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Battery God gives you a clear breakdown of where your battery power goes, so you can make smart decisions about how to keep your iPhone going a little longer. In addition to highly accurate readings, the app also provides you with handy tips for reducing battery usage so you can go a little longer between charges.

Update Your Light Fixtures with Light Bulb Finder

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Light Bulb Finder does just as it suggests and helps you find the best light bulbs for every fixture in the house. The app not only recommends specific bulbs, it also shows you the payoff of making the suggested switch. You’ll see at a glance what these small changes mean to you and the environment. Shopping for better bulbs is surprisingly easy with this little assistant in your pocket.

Cutting down on your energy usage is easier than you may have thought when you’re equipped with the right tools. These apps will help you get started on a journey toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.