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A task force of automotive aftermarket associations and leadership representing brake pad manufacturers, distributors, retailers, dealerships and service providers has launched an informational website to aid the vehicle repair industry in complying with the “better brake laws” enacted in California and Washington State. These laws were designed to reduce the amount of copper, cadmium, chromium, chromium VI, mercury, lead and abestiform fibers contained in brake pads sold in those states beginning in 2014.

The website is now live and contains links and information that will help suppliers, distributors, retailers, dealerships and service providers know what is expected of them in regards to the manufacture, sale and installation of brake pads in those states.

“We are excited by the fact we have a central industry repository for information regarding the better brake laws,” said Rodney Pierini, President and CEO of CAWA and leader of the task force. “We realize that this is a dynamic environment and the information regarding both states’ regulations should be accessible on one webpage. We will be continually adding materials including a frequently asked question page to the site once they became available or if regulations have changed.”

Both Washington State and California provided content for the site and encourage visitors to use the information to ensure their own particular compliancy to the legislation. Updates to the site will be made continually as recommendations for content are received.

This post originally appeared in National Oil & Lube News.

To visit the website, go to

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