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What if you drove on a tire that improved performance as it wore down? Michelin’s new EverGrip technology aims to do just that. The Premier A/S tire’s new EverGrip technology is a combination of high-traction compounds, expanding rain grooves and emerging grooves. These components work together to create a unique tire that is “a significant break though in automotive safety,” said Scott Clark, COO of Michelin North America’s passenger and light truck tire division.

This tire features expanding rain grooves that are “positioned around the circumference of the tire with a special geometric shape that widens as the treat wears down”, according to this article at Further, the 150-plus grooves along the tire’s shoulder are hidden when the tire is new, and emerge as it wears down. These two components help channel water away from the tire and allow increased wet traction. Drivers can expect shorter stopping, resistance to hydroplaning, and increased grip when new and worn.

In addition, the Premium A/S tire was developed using “extreme amounts” of silica and sunflower oil. The silica provides supreme bonding strength, and the sunflower oil allows for improved wet grip at lower temperatures. “The Micheline Premier A/S EverGrip is a compelling new safety technology that helps keep the driver in control and the car firmly planted on the road,” Clark said. Watch Michelin’s 3-minute video and discover EverGrip.


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