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Conversations about the future of mobility has long revolved around ideas like self-driving cars, electric vehicles like Tesla, and far-fetched ideas like hoverboards. However, with more and more companies creating smart phone applications, one industry in particular will likely get a huge boost in popularity – public transit. According to an article by Mother Nature Network, here’s why:

We can track the exact location of train, bus, or tram and plan our movements accordingly with smartphone apps. No more wondering if you’ve missed your ride or running exasperatingly for your train that came a little early. Knowing your transit’s whereabouts is also helpful in case you miss the conductor or driver calling out your stop. Likewise, we can also look up transit directions instantly, which is especially helpful as subway and bus maps aren’t always posted in plain sight. Further, many train, bus, and light rail services have apps that allow you to purchase your tickets through them. Skip the lines and breeze to work.

Don’t even get us started on avoiding being helplessly bored during traffic jams. Smartphones keep you entertained, engaged, and organized. Besides being a critical communication tool, our mobile devices allow us to answer any question that may pop into our head or research any interest while sitting in gridlock. We get to discover new music, play games like Candy Crush, or catch up on what our social circle has been doing… all on the way to work. While at one point our commute to work was a drag, smartphones have transformed our experience and certainly helped us to enjoy and occupy our transit time.

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