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Hertz knows what it’s like to think green and be profitable. This is something many businesses have struggled with since green initiatives gained ground in the last few years. Hertz has plans to equip 3,700 rental locations across the US and Europe with a waterless, non-toxic car washing system in 2014. This has the potential to save 130 million gallons of water, which means 130 million gallons of water doesn’t have to be heated – and this is a huge cost savings.

“This process ensures that cars are detailed properly while both conserving water and avoiding toxic cleaners,” according to the parent article here. Partnering with Hertz, the Green Team developed a non-toxic, biodegradable, hyper-concentrated solution and dispenser. Even the dispenser was designed to maximize product volume, and minimize shipping and transport costs. Here’s how it works:

The solution is manually sprayed on to the car, and it’s ingredients quickly envelop the dirt particles to lift them away from the car’s paint. A high-quality microfiber towel is then used to wipe away the solution and dirt from the surface. A second microfiber towel is then used to buff and polish the surface, leaving a shiny protective coating that preserves the clear coat and paint. This is all designed to be done in under 8 minutes.

Alongside the waterless carwash, Hertz is also implementing a single-stream recycling program, and retrofitting facilities with sustainable construction and design highlights – including LEED certification where possible. They will be switching to LED and energy efficient lighting, solar power systems, and zero-VOC paints.

Kudos to Hertz for its initiatives to be green and profitable.

Earthgarage – Greener Car. Fatter Wallet.

EarthGarage – Greener Car. Fatter Wallet.