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Here’s a shortlist of the essentials to help you avoid catastrophes and whack problems in the head when they inevitably intrude on your life

It’s a cold, windy night and of course that’s when your car decides to malfunction. Are you prepared for situations like this? Here’s a list of some of the best tools and supplies you’ll want to keep in your vehicle for emergency use.

Flashlight – You can guarantee that the next time your car breaks down it will be at night. A flashlight on your keychain would suffice.

Hand Tools – At a bare minimum, have phillips head and standard screwdrivers, a set of common metric wrenches and a set of pliers. You may want to purchase a kit containing all of these tools in a convenient plastic case.

First Aid Kit – Although you will likely dig into a first aid kit long before your next car issue occurs, have a first aid kit in your vehicle.

Work gloves – A set of work gloves is a great thing to have in your work kit. You may need them just to keep your hands warm during cold weather emergency situations.

Snow Brush with Ice Scraper – A good snow brush is mandatory in the winter.

Jumper Cables – You don’t want to be stranded with a dead battery and not have jumper cables. Everyone should have a pair in their car. Spend the extra $10 and get good ones.

Fix-A-Flat – Don’t want to mess with changing a tire? Fix-A-Flat is an aerosol can that when sprayed into a wheel fills the tire and seals the leak from the inside.

Kitty Litter – Sand or clean kitty litter will also help provide traction if you get stuck in snow.

Other supplies you may want to consider are a blanket, drinking water, and more. Take a few minutes to equip your car with the necessary stuff, and you can drive with peace of mind.


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