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Toyota’s new hybrid marries great fuel economy with a new and powerful electronic all-wheel-drive 

Every year, hybrids get a little bit more fuel efficient and tiny bit more powerful. While they don’t offer the same kind of raw power a traditional gasoline-powered engine might, they aren’t far behind, and they also offer a cleaner and more thoughtful way to drive and exist within an increasingly polluted and congested world.

The current 2015 model sports 24 mpg capabilities in the city and 31 on the highway, so we can only assume this new hybrid SUV will have equally if not better mileage and horsepower. The 2016 hybrid offers a spacious 38 cubic feet of room within the car and an electrically powered all-wheel-drive for those who need to access all of a SUV’s qualities.

If you’re looking for a new car, consider a hybrid. And if you’re looking for a hybrid, consider Toyota’s new models. The 2016 RAV4 is set to debut some time in the coming months.

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