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Let’s start with an obvious idea: tires are expensive, especially good tires (surprise). So with that in mind let’s look at tire rotation. Tire rotation refers to the practice of changing the tires on your truck or car to a different axle location so that the tread wears more evenly. This practice saves money by extending the life of the set of tires and saving you the burden of having to purchase and install new ones.

This is by no means newly discovered information, so it’s amazing to us that more people don’t rotate their tires. Tire rotation is the bread and butter of Jiffy Lube and other quick service centers nationwide. It’s easy and doesn’t take long.

Why Should I Rotate My Tires? – Front and rear tires wear differently. Typically, the front tires carry more than 60% of the weight of your car, meaning that front tires usually wear down faster than rear ones do. Another insight, Americans tend to take left turns faster than right turns and this in addition wears down right tires more than left. By rotating your tires, you can equalize the wear so that all tires wear approximately at the same rate.

How Often Should I Rotate My Tires? – Check your car’s owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended rotation schedule. Most automobile manufacturers recommend that tires be rotated every 5,000 miles. Quite a number of people rotate their tires every time they change their oil so 5,000 miles is a good interval to strive for.

How to Rotate Non-directional Tires. – The tread pattern on non-directional tires is designed in such a way that the tire can be mounted on the wheel for any direction of rotation. So you can switch which side the tires are on when you rotate them.

How to Rotate Directional Tires. – Directional tires have a “one-way” tread pattern that is optimized for the direction the tires rotate on the car. Directional tires are thus optimized for either the right or left sides. How do you know? There are little arrows or triangles on the sidewall that indicate which way a tire is supposed to rotate. To rotate directional tires, just switch the front right tire for the back right tire, and the front left tire for the back left tire.

Pro Tip: It’s not a bad idea to mark down the mileage when you rotated your tires so you can remember to do it again in 5000 miles.

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