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A major transition into adulthood for teenagers is when they get their first driver’s license. Aside from the “coolness” effect, a driver’s license also provides teens with a sense of real independence. After all, no longer is it necessary to have a parent involved in their transportation!

Unfortunately, some high schools do not offer drivers education. And, as a result, many kids learn to drive via their parents, friends or other family members. Potentially this puts the kids’ safety at risk because they may be prone to picking up unsafe driving habits and wrong driving information. Some teenagers might have one too many drinks at a house party, for example, and end up needing a Boise DUI attorney to help get their license back. Of course, this is entirely avoidable if they had just been better educated on the risks of drunk driving. The American Automobile Association (AAA) states that although the teen driving population is just 7%, they account for at least 14% of all fatal motor accidents. So this age group is specifically at risk.

The solution, of course, is to have kids enroll in a driver’s course taught by professional instructors. Professional instructors can provide objective observations and instructions about the students’ driving abilities and through experience, can organize comprehensive and coordinated training. In short, professional instructors prepare students for both safe driving and road responsibility.

Another advantage in enrolling at driving schools or driver’s education courses is the opportunity to receive an honest assessment of their driving skills. The instructors can identify areas and skills which need improvement. As a result, bad habits can be eliminated before they actually start. Plus, professional instructors can give summaries and written reviews of the students’ skills that are useful for private practice time with parents and others. As in any learning situation, practice makes perfect so if you know what areas need to be worked on, then you know what to focus on. However, no matter the amount of experience and guidance you have prior to receiving your license, you might want to think about investing in a dash cam from somewhere like BlackBoxMyCar, as you never know exactly who’s on the roads at any given time.

A major bonus to using professional instructors is also professional visual instruction. Good driver’s education usually takes place in a classroom and utilizes charts, diagrams and videos to illustrate important concepts. Plus, many professional schools utilize visiting lecturers to provide unique viewpoints of driving. This may include firefighters, mechanics, paramedics, police and even towing service personnel. Our friends at Reedman-Toll Subaru of Downington, a local Subaru dealer in Downington, PA, said that they welcome local driving instructors contacting them for guest lecturing.

Lastly, a major advantage at most driver’s education courses are the mock drivers’ exams. However, some schools try their best to improve the awareness of drivers concerning road safety and regulation. If you are looking for a traffic school miami company, My Improve may be helpful to you.These prepare the students for taking that all-important state driving test. Aside from this, many states now require that students have professional training before they can even take state driving tests and apply for driver’s licenses. In the state’s eyes, they see this as an extra measure needed to ensure the safety of the teen drivers, other motorists and even pedestrians.

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