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When it comes to electric cars, developers are putting all their eggs into the electric basket. Sales of electric vehicles have jumped by an astounding 37%. Perhaps this will not only make a tiny dent when reducing the world’s oil consumption, but will prompt car manufacturers to up their game when it comes to R&D. So what innovations are the car companies making in order to lure electric cars into the mainstream? 

Sleek and clean exterior

With the absence of a combustion engine, there has to be a revolution in car design, in order to maintain a similar level of power. Without this, vehicles are not going to be aesthetically appealing to the everyday consumer. The cars not only look good, but they are aerodynamic, giving them extra mileage for each charge.In order to cut down the weight of the car, spoilers and superfluous creases are definitely no longer part of the new innovative designs. The Mercedes E.Q Concept and the VW I.D. production versions are both showing very little overhang around the chassis, and make the most of super lightweight and strong titanium in their designs. The earth’s titanium metal supply is abundant, and world resources of titanium are high, so ethically, it is a good material for mass production. The metal naturally bonds well, making it extremely resilient to use in vehicle production. It has also proved to be versatile when 3D printed for electric vehicle parts.

Touchscreen Panels

Touchscreens are becoming common place in cars, when it comes to operating stereo and satellite navigation equipment. Dynamic displays in electric and hybrid vehicles are going much further than this. It is not just the exterior of the cars that is getting a futuristic update – the cabins are getting an upgrade, and there are noticeably fewer switches. This technology was demonstrated at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, by Harman, utilising a QLED widescreen display. The majority of operational elements, from checking tyre pressure, to controlling vehicle temperature is being controlled from the one multi-functional touchscreen. Perhaps it will only be a matter of time before a Siri or Alexa style A.I is employed as your driving partner. 

Innovative Seating

One day we will be saying, “do you remember when we used to sit in a car and all faced forward?” Concept designs for electric cars are looking at new seating arrangements, where passengers can sit facing one another, as though sitting at the dining table. The aim is to make a journey a more sociable occasion, and not just a way of getting from one place to the next. This is also looking forward to possibility of autonomy and the driverless cars. It isn’t such a long way off. 

The technology behind electric vehicles is moving forward at a staggering rate. It will be significant to the consumption of oil in the United States, and certainly a step in the right direction for the environment.

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