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Window tinting isn’t just an aesthetic upgrades owners make to their automobiles; this service improves the overall look of the vehicle, while offering various other benefits. Taking care of an automobile usually includes changing the oil and keeping the right amount of air in the tires. Drivers rarely think about a car’s windows. Owners do not realize the myriad of benefits window tinting has for the automobile and the driver, even tinting your homes windows has great benefits which are identical to that of the automobiles tinting advantages, look into Home Window Tinting to find out more. Examples of this are home security, increasing the value, or just a simple replacement. If you are interested in finding out more about home window replacement, you may want to look into this Hawaii Home Improvement company for more details.

Modern day cars and trucks have windows which deflect the sun’s harmful rays by a glass that has been pretreated at the factory. Owners can strengthen this treatment by employing companies like Top Edge Window Tinting who specialize in car window tinting, paint protection film, and more.

No one can refute the look of a sleek, window tinted vehicle. Consider the following benefits if you have been giving some thought to having your windows treated


First and foremost, window tinting gives automobile owners security and privacy. When it is time to shop, you can lock the door and step away knowing prying eyes cannot see inside. Window tinting is more than enhancing the look of your automobile. Tinting gives every occupant peace of mind.

Prevent Fading

Direct sunlight causes car interiors to lose their color and texture. Darker colors like red and blue are vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun. Over time, dashboards and plastic parts crack if not treated routinely. Leather interiors can be ruined if not protected. Use these additional tips to keep your vehicle running in top shape.

Harmful UV Rays

Research has pointed out that 53% of all skin cancers happen on the left side of the body. This observation corresponds with a driver being exposed to harmful UV sunlight while driving. Owners who spend a great deal of time in their cars and trucks should consider window treatments to avoid future problems. Tinting can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Tinting will help control skin damage such as sunspots, age spots, wrinkles, and skin discoloration.

Shattered Glass

Most of us will never be in any severe automobile accident. If you are, windows shattering and glass shards flying everywhere is a significant health scare. Window tinting keeps damaged glass intact and occupants safe. Tinting acts like a bandage for your glass.


If you live in states where the sun is a constant companion, consider having the darkest tint allowed by law. Tinting keeps interior temperatures at diminished levels without having to crank-up the air-conditioner.

It is prudent to check with local authorities or window treatment businesses in your state before tinting any window. Each state has their interpretation of what is safe on the highway. Some states are more lenient than others.

VLT or visible light transmission is the measurement employed to establish the volume of light passing through automobile glass. Most states allow for a 50% tint on windows. However, owners rarely know what tint darkness looks like. Windows do not need to be totally blacked out to be effective.

States that allow a 90 or 80% VLT can still be effective in blocking UV rays and road glare. Medical exemptions for darker windows are another example of the benefits of tinting. Nearly every state allows an exemption for motorists who spend substantial amounts of time in a vehicle.

Applications can be located online.The benefits of window tinting are not restricted to an automobile. Installing high-quality window treatments for your home’s windows can increase your investment for years to come.

Window tinting for the home provides the same interior protection and privacy you enjoy with an automobile. The sun’s harmful UV rays are destructive to every area of your home’s carpets and furniture. Not only does window tinting enhance the value of a home, it blocks 99% of any harmful exposure.

Home window tinting can provide the creative homeowner a chance to save monthly dollars along with providing the family a sense of security. Home window tinting film can be opaque or frosted, reflective on one side with a pattern on the other. Possibilities are boundless for the creative owner.

Window tinting, either auto or home has come a long way from the rugged films of the past. Technology has realized the benefits of blocking harmful UV light, and it’s destructive repercussions.

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