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We would all love to be able to build our dream eco-friendly home from the ground up. However, sometimes we just aren’t in the position to do so. Sometimes we just have to do the best with what we have. Here are some of the best ways you can incorporate an eco-friendly outlook into your home renovations.

Reclaimed Wood
Whether it is a new wood floor or that perfect statement wall for your dining room, reclaimed wood can be used everywhere in your home. It is one of the best ways to find add some beautiful wood to your home.

Reclaimed wood is also a fantastic eco-friendly choice as it is taking wood and recycling for it a new purpose.

Steel Outbuildings
On the hunt for a new set of outbuildings which are an eco-friendly choice and will remain sturdy and durable for years to come? The perfect low maintenance option for you would be steel.

Steel buildings like those made by Armstrong Steel can be built to suit any number of different projects. Their buildings can be insulated much better than wood can, which will boost energy efficiency and save you money. Due to its hardiness, steel is often considered very eco-friendly as it does not require a lot of maintenance. With buildings of all sorts able to be constructed in very little time, you should definitely consider any new outbuildings you are planning to be constructed with steel.

Water Collection
If you wince a little every time your water bill comes through, why not start collecting rainwater to use in your everyday life? Check to see if your state allows rainwater collection and any legislation which might control your uses of it.

Then, all you need to do is set up some sort of rain catchment system similar to water tanks and you can begin to use what nature provides us!

Solar Panels
Rain isn’t the only place where you can benefit from nature. Consider investing in some equipment so you can harvest the power of sun and wind too!

It is easier than you think to get your hands on solar and wind power equipment. What’s more, if you live in a pretty isolated location then it might be a wise idea to have some sort of back-up power system in place. If things get shut off, who knows when you might get power back. Solar powered batteries might be just what you need.

Pre-Owned Goods
Do you need new appliances or furniture? Hit the flea markets and antique shops to see what you can find! You can often find great pieces here which can be overlooked by other shoppers. If it’s furniture you’re after, you can find stunning examples from years gone by such as Victorian and Georgian period pieces over at antiques world that remain attractive additions to the home today. If you are searching for appliances, try to find ones which are as eco-friendly as possible. This does mean that you may have to buy brand-new, but you can occasionally find great pieces second-hand if you look hard enough.

Renovations might be stressful and seemingly never-ending but that doesn’t mean that they can’t follow your personal principles. If you are committed to an eco-friendly life, you should maintain that. It is perfectly possible to renovate your home to become your dream, green, paradise!

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