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Gas or Diesel? Diesel engines has long been renowned as the more efficient and durable engine design, particularly among commercical vehicle owners. But, when you get right down to it, what is the difference between gasoline and diesel performance, and do the benefits outweigh the higher price? Let’s let our friends at Fullerton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (Somerville, NJ) help us out  

Heavy Duty

If you are a commercial enterprise, diesel is hands-down the answer for you. Big jobs such as trucking and towing simply the power and durability that diesel engines bring to the table. First of all, diesel’s higher compression ratio yields greater torque and power at lower rpms. Demanding such performance out of a gasoline engine will significantly reduce a gas engine’s durability and life expectancy.  It also uses a substantially greater amount of fuel to tow with gas compared to with diesel, bringing us to our second point:

More Bang for the Buck

A diesel engine, on average, runs thirty to thirty-five percent more efficiently compared to a gasoline engine. Consistently, diesel trucks provide greater EPA rated miles per gallon city/highway driving.  This is because of diesels higher compression ratio and the energy in the fuel. With diesel measuring in at thirty-five to forty megajoules per liter and gas measuring thirty to thirty-five megajoules per liter, diesel contains more energy.

More Sense For Your Cents

Diesel engines deal with greater forces compared to their gasoline counterparts so their parts are engineered sturdier to take a lot more strain.  Not only that, the delivery of higher torque numbers at lower rpms make for less wear and tear through the rigors you might normally put a gasoline vehicle through.  Diesel is also less corrosive compared to gasoline, ensuring that your fuel lines and exhaust systems will remain in good condition for longer. Thus, a properly maintained diesel engine will last for, on average, 100,000 more miles or more compared to a gasoline fueled powertrain.  

So, Diesel or Gas?

It’s an easy matter of assessing your needs now and in the future on whether you should opt to go diesel on your next vehicle.  Gasoline engines are perfectly reliable and fuel friendly for those who have a more casual way of living life, but if you are a commercial user diesel will dutifully pay you the extra fuel costs with unbridled power and lifelong durability.