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It’s unfortunate, but for most of us car accidents are just a matter of time.  And sometimes, it’s not just another car, it involves a commercial truck. When this happens, it can get complicated for all involved. The reason being that assessing the blame when commercial trucks are involved can involve many responsible parties.

Truck Driver Responsibilities

When a truck driver assumes the position of carrying a load, he or she has certain responsibilities. They must make sure they have the proper driver’s license. Before hitting the road, they must ensure that the truck is loaded properly and the load is secured. You may not know this but the driver is directly responsible for overloading. 

Commercial drivers are required to keep a logbook that shows how many hours they have driven and how many hours they have rested. All states have laws that require a driver take a break after they have driven for a certain amount of hours.

Plus, truck drivers must be cognizant of and obey all of applicable traffic laws. 

Trucking Company Responsibilities

While it is easy to envision the driver of a truck as being the main entity at fault when an accident occurs, that is just partially true. The company that owns the truck has plenty of responsibilities too; they are responsible for the maintenance of their trucks, and screening and testing of their drivers. Additionally, trucking companies must make sure all paperwork, insurance, and records are in order. 

Parts Manufacturer Responsibilities

There are times when the truck and the driver have done everything they are required to, but there is still an accident. And let’s assume that the truck company recently had the truck repaired. Perhaps the brakes were replaced and an accident involved poor braking. In a case like this, the company that made the brakes could be the party at fault, if it is shown that the brakes were defective. 

Mechanic Responsibilities

If an accident occurs and upon examination it is determined that a part was installed improperly,  our consultant at Cerritos Chrysler Dodge (Cerritios, CA) reminds us that the mechanic may have some liability. This could be from not only installing parts wrong but from adding the wrong fluids, etc..

Truck Loader Responsibilities

As stated, every truck has a maximum weight they can safely carry. If the load is oddly shaped or heavier on one end than on the other, adjustments must be made. The person or company loading the truck must load it according to the guidelines of the manufacturer of the truck.

Truck loaders must also ensure that load are secured properly so that it cannot fall off the truck when it is on the road. Failure to do this can cause items to fall off which can cause a truck to loses control.