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So you keep the exterior of your car in tip-top shape but what about the interior? Do you have receipts lying around, dust on your dashboard, or quite a bit of dirt on the floor of your car? If so you’re going to want to pay attention to what we have to say. To help you keep your vehicle looking brand new we asked the good folks at Pearson Dealerships to help us compile a list of helpful tips to keep your vehicle clean. 

First off, you’re going to want to get a trash can for your vehicle. This way you can throw out all those receipts, napkins, and coffee cups instead of just leaving them all over your vehicle. There are various different types of automotive trash cans to choose from including ones that rest on the back of either the driver or passenger’s seat and ones that attach to the back of your center console.

Once all the trash is picked up it’s time to move on to the dust. It is inevitable that dust is going to build up onto your dashboard which is why you should keep a Swiffer duster handy in your glove box. With the Swiffer nice and handy you can easily clean up dust as soon as you notice it. Not only does a dust-free car look more attractive it is also extremely appealing to those with dust allergies. 

Speaking of your glove box what exactly does yours look like? Do you just have a bunch of crumpled up and loose pieces of paper in yours? If so it’s a good idea to get either a plastic filing folder or a document case. Since most of the papers in your glove box are important and probably includes your registration you’re going to want to keep all those papers organized. 

If you’ve got a dog and your seats are constantly covered in dog hair or muddy footprints you are going to want to pick up a waterproof backseat cover. These not only protect the interior of your vehicle they are also easy to clean. Once they get all muddy simply the cover out of your car and spray it down with a hose, lay it out to dry and then put it back in your car. Some of these covers are even safe to throw into the washing and drier machines. 

While we’re on the topic of muddy footprints have you noticed your floor mats recently? Chances are they are covered in dirt and grim. It’s a good idea to replace those carpet floor mats with rubber ones which are easy to clean and protect the floor of your car from slush and mud. 

If your child is still in a front-facing car seat then a set of kick mats are absolutely essential. These mats hook on to the back of the driver’s and or passenger’s seat and help keep your interior clean of muddy footprints. 

Now moving on to your truck. Do you either constantly have something rolling around in your trunk or do groceries seem to spill out of there bags on the drive home? Then you’re going to want to consider a trunk organizer. You can pick up expandable organizers that feature multiple compartments and velcro on the bottom so they don’t slide around.