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A diesel-powered Jeep Wrangler has never existed before, and many were skeptical about whether or not this would be a viable option for Jeep’s iconic rock climber. Well, we implore to skeptics to get behind the wheel, and before long, they will be asking what took the company so much time to develop the engine. 

The new diesel engine develops 442 lb-ft of torque at an extremely low 1,400 rpm that pumps out of a 3.0-liter V6. The engine perfect for going over tough boulders and soft sand, which is something that Wrangler owners crave. Additionally, the cabin is as quiet as it has ever been, and the fuel economy sees a 30% improvement, meaning it should achieve up to 30 mpg on the highway. All of these figures suggest that one can foresee the diesel engine being the Wrangler’s premier engine.  

Power-wise, the diesel engine provides plenty of power and is just as adept at climbing rocks as it is on the highway. Workers who have jobs that require them to carry a lot of cargo love diesel engines because they develop a lot of torque at low speeds. The Jeep Wrangler diesel generates lots of it with a low rpm, which means you don’t have to keep revving the engine to haul heavy loads. A smooth and steady pressure should be enough to do the trick. This trait is just as good when you’re going over rockpiles. 

When you pair the diesel engine with the rugged suspension, the Wrangler makes quick work of grades up to 30 degrees, rocks, and soft sand. Typically, the Wrangler has a 44-degree approach angle, which is the steepest the vehicle can take without scraping the bumper. The departure angle it can drive without scraping the rear bumper is 37 degrees.  

Most diesel engines generate a lot of noise and vibration. Still, Jeeps engineers used hydraulic engine mounts to keep the vibration from reaching the passenger even when the engine auto stops at traffic lights to save fuel. The all-new carpet and sound deadening foams between engine and occupants lock out a lot of the noise even when you’re driving a soft-top Wrangler. The ride is smooth at speeds up to 80 mph.  

Jeep has significantly reworked this engine when you compare it to other companies that use this type of engine. Some of the changes that are included are sealing for water flooding and sound installation. Executives for Jeep promise a 500-mile range, which is more than enough for a day of off-roading as well as the drive home. Most drivers should achieve a shockingly good 35.6 mpg total fuel economy during several hours of off-road driving.  

The sales staff at East Hills Jeep (Greenvale, NY) told us that Jeep is offering the Ecodiesel with the four-door Wranglers with four-wheel drive and the eight-speed automatic transmission. While you can ger the engine with the base model, Jeeps executives most of the diesel engines will be in the high-end Sahara or Rubicon models. When you get a Wrangler with the Ecodiesel, you open yourself up to further options such as removable doors, a folding windshield, voice recognition, navigation, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.