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Every once in awhile, we come across a vehicle on the road that sports a customised number plate, and it always catches our eyes. Now, whether you approve of a particular style of personalisation or not is, of course, subjective. What is mostly universal on the other hand, is the fact that bespoke number plates always catch our eyes on the road, or in the garage. That right there is the main reason why people get replacement plates for their cars, but why someone would want to catch people’s attention will vary widely.

To figure out whether a customised number plate is right for you or not, we will first have to go through the many reasons why replacement plates with personalised designs make a lot of sense for a variety of people in the first place.


Let’s start off with a few questions which can be quite enlightening.

  • Does exclusivity matter to you?
  • Are you the kind of person who enjoys spending holidays in rarely visited places rather than tourist traps?
  • Does the simple idea of standing out appeal to you more than most things?
  • Do you often find yourself looking to customise what you wear and where you live?
  • Are you the kind of person who has an eye for unique things in life, business and leisure?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then you do not really need any other reason to get bespoke replacement plates. Your personalised plates should stand out from the rest of them as an extension of your exclusive lifestyle and personality.


We often view the effort to stand out from others as being pretentious behaviour, but the reality of things is quite the opposite. It’s a well-established fact that even though people who are brave enough to stand out are often criticised, they are also the ones who are most likely to succeed. The simple idea here is that if you don’t get the attention you need, how else will people know who you are, or how good you are at something?

In case you like having the spotlight on you and especially if you feel that you could use that attention to some degree of advantage in professional/personal settings, a well-designed number plate will make it easy for the right people to know whose car it is in the parking lot.


We are talking about the literal ability to recognise your car from a distance here, and not fame! Whether you are trying to find it in a busy parking lot or attempting to direct someone to your car on phone, replacement plates can make your car easily recognisable among hundreds of others.

In rare cases, the police have also managed to catch car thieves on the road simply because dispatch had already informed them regarding the unique car plate. That only works until the thief can take it to a garage of course!


Without any meaning behind the customisations, the replacement plates will lose significance. It doesn’t have to be meaningful to anyone else but you, but not having any purpose behind a design may not be the most ideal option to go with, as it’s a waste of opportunity.

The DVLA will sell you a private registration mark, but you will have to be the one to personalise the design and order the actual plate. To make it easy, just visit to design yours, but make sure the design has some sort of relevance to you, your family, your business/work/beliefs/affiliations, etc. Aside from offering an extensive choice for selecting your own designs, all replacement plates supplied by Number 1 Plates are 100% BS AU 145d compliant and surprisingly affordable.


Important individuals in both private and public establishments will often sport a customised plate and number on their cars. While not everyone agrees with the idea, there is a reasoning behind it.

If you have worked hard to get to the place where you are now, why should you not stand out? As long as you have something to be proud about, and your license plate displays it with confidence and class, the sign will be revered by people. Just try not to be too over-the-top, if respect is on your mind.


A tradition as old as cars themselves, business owners will often use special number plates to market and advertise their businesses on the go. However, it’s more often seen on commercial number plates than on personal license plates. Even then, if you have a small business, your private license plate can also become an effective tool for marketing all the same.

Now that we have had a thorough discussion regarding the reasons behind why people buy customised replacement plates, all you need to do is ask yourself the question; does any of that matter to you or your lifestyle? Chances are that you have already found a few reasons, so remember to channel your license plate customizations in a manner that reflects that reason. Consider it to be an extension of your lifestyle, personality and maybe even your achievements.