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OK, automotive design is a highly subjective experience. We all have our opinions on what cars are easy on the eyes and which are, well, just ugly. And while we may have different opinions on some of the finer points of automotive styling, there is no question that some vehicle are just hideous. 

In this article, we will look at a top 9 list of real dogs. Cars that are so ugly, you may wonder how they made it to the production line. So, thanks to our good-humored friends at Pearson Automotive On-Line, read on and have a good laugh of these cars with “great personality.”

1. Pontiac Aztek

If you are a fan of the Netflix series “Breaking Bad,” then you have insight into a real woofer. Driven in the TV series by Walter White, our first piece-of-work is the Pontiac Aztek. Critics have stated that If you set out to build a car that violated every principle of aesthetics, you would find it hard to beat the Aztek. It is slab-sided, hunchbacked and looks totally out of proportion. Some have commented that the Aztec looks like the result of an unholy union between a Transformers toy and a Eastern European sedan.  In 2007, the last year of the Aztek, Pontiac made just 69 of them.

2. Citroën Ami

France is known for many superlatives but one of them is not the Citroën Ami. The Ami came into being in the early 1960s and was noted for its shocking reverse-rake rear window.  Even today, it takes a strong stomach to take a good look at a Ami. Although its mechanical underpinnings came from the humble yet classic 2CV, the Ami veered off into a strange territory with its reverse-rake rear window and bizarre rectangular headlights.

3. AMC Pacer

Like avocado-colored appliances, the AMC Pacer is an enduring symbol of 1970s bad design.  That wasn’t the case, of course, AMC executives were overseeing the design of the Pacer. They hoped, of course, that the next wave of car design would entail the futuristic “Rolling Fishbowl” look. Just to heighten it’s “uniqueness,” AMC outfitted the Pacer with asymmetric doors too – the right door was longer than the left, so passengers could climb into the back more easily. When it was converted to right-hand drive for some foreign markets – surprise! – the long door was now on the wrong side.

4. AMC Gremlin

The Gremlin may well be the most badly proportioned car ever built. Seen from the side, it bears an uncanny resemblance to a badly-designed running shoe. One has to wonder what the designers were thinking. Take a good look at the rear end of a Gremlin. It looks like the design team when faced with the task of finishing the rear of the car, simply gave up and went home.