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In Part Two of this article, we’ll look at the last five “ugly cars” on our list. 

5. Fiat Multipla

Unique environments often produce unique creatures and the Berlusconi-era Fiat Multipla has bulges that just are hard to explain. The Multipla’s designers mounted running lights at the base of the windshield in a bulged panel, giving it the look of a rain-forest amphibian that had undergone some sort of a genetic mutation. Apparently, one of the hosts of the British TV show Top Gear commented that it looked like it had some sort of disease. 

6. Nissan Cube

Another car from the mutant creature school of design, the Nissan  Cube is notable for its multiple stylistic errors. Starting with almost certainly a drug-induced asymmetric rear window, the cube looks vaguely like a flounder with a misplaced eye. Yup, the folks at Martin Chrysler allow that the Nissan designers went why out of their way to make the Cube unique, and they succeeded.

7. Lamborghini Veneno

Cutting-edge fashion is risky – the line between aesthetic brilliance and just stupid-ugly can be a fine one. And the Veneno, well, it’s closer to the latter end of the spectrum. When it was introduced at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Edmund’s John Huffman commented that it was if “Every supercar cliché and every bad idea Lamborghini ever had was stuffed into one overpriced show car.” Fortunately, the Veneno was a limited-production machine – only nine were ever built. 

8. Suzuki X-90

The Suzuki X-90 is a closely related to the late, unlamented Suzuki Sidekick but far uglier. The X-90 is a strange amalgam of automotive styling – it has the front end of a Japanese economy car, while the rear resembles a miniaturized pickup with a wing bolted onto its tail.  It looks great as a small, plastic toy.

9. Nissan Juke

You may have heard the expression “hit by the ugly stick.” Well, if you see a crowd around a Nissan Juke at any point, there may be an argument as to how many hits the Juke has taken. Like others on this list, the designers of the Juke wanted to be different and they certainly succeeded.