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When trucks carry heavy loads, they tend to sag. This is simply a matter of physics where gravity pulls the springs of the truck down as the weight being carried increases. Inevitable right? Well, not with the 2020 Ram pickup trucks because the engineers at Ram have designed an active air suspension system that automatically adjusts for heavy loads. With the assistance of Bill Bryan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we will explain how it works.

On the 2020 Ram pickup trucks, adjustable air springs raise and lower the vehicle to compensate for differing loads. In addition, the driver can choose one of five ride height settings, depending on what you are doing with the truck.

Here are five modes you can take advantage of when you need to move weight down the road:

1) Off the beaten path

Enjoy outstanding ride balance with the Off-Road 1 mode, with an extra degree of clearance when driving off-road in situations that are less severe than those that warrant Off-Road 2 mode. The height difference from normal is +1.2 inches front and +0.9 inches rear.

2) Taking to the trails

Off-Road 2 mode provides maximum ground clearance for the trail and generous angles for approach and departure. The difference from normal is +2.0 inches.

3) Around town

Normal Ride Height is the most comfortable balance of ride and handling for everyday driving. The engineers at Ram have spent considerable time making the 2020 Ram trucks provide a ride that is easily comparable to fine sedans and the Normal Height Mode works to assist this setting.

4) Highway driving

At highway speeds, Aero mode automatically lowers the vehicle, reducing aerodynamic drag and “body roll,” and measurably improving fuel efficiency. The difference from normal is -0.6 inches.

5) In and out

For convenience and comfort, Entry/Exit mode automatically lowers the vehicle, making it easier to get in and out of your truck and load your bed. This mode is manually controlled by the internal button bank or remotely with the key fob. The difference from normal is -2.1 inches front and -1.7 inches rear.