Are Old Tires Dangerous?

The Porsche Carrera actor Paul Walker was riding in when he crashed in Santa Clarita in 2013 had tires on it that were ten years old. The California Highway Patrol Investigative Group concluded that age might have compromised the Carrera’s handling characteristics and...

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Can You Use Old Gasoline?

If you have gasoline that’s a year old in a car, can you use it? Some people say yes, others say no. We’ll get the advice from some experts in the field and look at some of the things you can do to make sure that older gas doesn’t damage anything to your car. Old...

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The QuadraSteer System

QuadraSteer, what exactly is that? Any gearhead knows about QuadraTraq, it’s the 4x4 system used by Jeeps, but no one seems to know anything about QuadraSteer. Obviously, it has something to do with steering, but what’s the Quadra part? It can’t mean four-wheel...

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