Fuel economy top of mind

Saving the planet and reducing fuel bills sounds like a win-win for every car buyer. And both outcomes appear to be gaining at least some ground when you look at the results of a consumer survey that places fuel efficiency top among car-buying factors. Of 1,006... read more

Idling Is About To Go Extinct

Listen carefully next time you hear a car idling, it’s a sound that you may not hear much anymore. And that’s a good thing. More and more automakers are using engine stop-start systems to boost fuel efficiency. The system, which shuts down a vehicle’s engine at... read more

Tire Dealers: Sell More Green Tires

Are green tires an untapped opportunity for general repair and tire dealers? “Green tire technology is another way to take the tire industry, which is often considered to be just a commodity industry, to a professional industry that provides real value and benefit for... read more

Living Out of a Car

Thousands of students, travelers and others live in cars and vans to save money. Some do it because they have to but many younger people do it to enjoy the vagabond lifestyle, at least for a while. If you ever find yourself in the situation where you need to actually... read more

Saving Money with a Hybrid Car

The question: should you trade in an old car for a new hybrid with higher mileage? In these budget-conscious times, your total out-of-pocket costs could become the deciding factor.  Some car buyers assume that they can’t justify the up to $6,000 more it can cost to... read more

Alternative Fuel Myths

There are significant myths concerning the various alternative transportation fuels that have been developed.  That’s too bad because the type of transportation fuel we will be using in the future is a very important topic. Some of these alternative-fuel myths are... read more

A New Blend of Gasoline

A new grade of fuel called E15 is slowly being introduced to the marketplace. It’s a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. It has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in passenger cars from the 2001 model year or later, and... read more