Learn How to Drive in the Rain

While driving through a light sprinkle may not seem like such a big deal it can be as dangerous as driving through a heavy downpour. Rainy weather conditions directly associated with higher accident rates, so it’s important to learn how to safely navigate driving...

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Subaru’s Amazing DriverFocus

Technology can do more than just aid us, it can help save us from ourselves. Subaru’s DriverFocus is an active safety feature that helps to prevent distracted driving. This means things like texting, excessive gabbing with passengers, and not paying attention to the...

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Automotive Door Types

As you know, there are a lot of types of car doors. Some hinge at the front, some at the rear, some even swing upwards. The way a car door opens and closes is an important design element that car design engineers have been able to do remarkable things with for over...

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