Green Your Shop

If you have recently opened your mechanic shop then major tasks like looking for the best metal garage providers to build your shop are behind you but you still have quite a few decisions to make. For example, how green will your shop be? Will you make an effort to keep it as green as possible? If you are then here’s a number of products that can help save auto shops money and time as well as the environment. Also available are training courses on electric and hybrid vehicle repair and maintenance.

Automotive Career Development Center
The Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC) offers classes and training on hybrid vehicle maintenance and repair.

Get Nitrogen
Nitrogen is all around us – the air we breathe is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and the rest is small amounts of other gasses. When it comes to tire inflation, nitrogen has many advantages. Improvements can be noted in a vehicle’s handling, fuel efficiency and tire life through better tire pressure retention, improved fuel economy and cooler running tire temperatures.

The Hybrid Shop
Hybrid vehicle training, education and battery conditioning.

Lanair specializes in waste oil heaters that reduce energy costs and help the environment. High heating and fuel costs can be reduced or eliminated by burning used engine oil and transmission fluid in a Lanair waste oil fired heater.

MotorVac is the leader in Preventive Maintenance (PM) equipment and chemicals for the professional technician and shop.

Peter J. Schiller Corporation
Schiller specializes in the sales and service of waste oil heating equipment, gas-fired tube radiant heating equipment, high efficiency lighting, and other energy savings products and services – customers include small mechanic shops to large dealerships.

Safety-Kleen is a leading provider of environmental services to commercial, industrial and automotive customers.

Rapid oil loss caused by leaving regular vehicle oil drain plugs untorqued, overtorqued or cross-threaded is highly likely to damage an oil pan or even lead to painful and expensive engine replacement. The SMART-O is the ultimate solution, offering unique advantages over regular oil drain plugs.

ChemFree has been committed to providing an alternative method to cleaning parts without harming the environment, humans or animals.