Vortex Splash Guards
Vortex Splash Guards Technologies introduces an unparalleled fusion of design and technology with their patented louvered design that channel’s air and spray, forces downward through the ports, reducing the dead airspace behind the flap, which is the root cause of drag that effects fuel economy. Studies show airflow flaps are more efficient resulting in a 0.5 to 1% fuel reduction. That means for the average trucker a $400 – $800 savings per year. Particularly when installed on cars, SUV’s, pick-ups, vortex technology performs like an air routing system that helps facilitate cooler running brakes and tires increasing tire & brake life for safer roads and a cleaner environment (less fuel & tires consumed). During inclement weather, as speed is increased, water standing on the road affects: directional stability, traction and fuel economy.

TruXedo Tonneau Covers
Passing air rushes over your truck’s cab and flows directly into your open bed. The turbulent air crashes into your tailgate, holding your truck back.  Installing a tonneau cover on your truck bed makes your pickup more aerodynamic and helps improve fuel economy.