Air Filters

As simple as it may be, the air filter plays a crucial role in preserving the life of your everyday internal combustion engine, and can greatly influence the performance and efficiency of your engine. As air passes from the outside of your vehicle, into the engine compartment and finally into the engine cylinders to mix with your fuel, it needs to be filtered to remove any particulate matter that may be abrasive to the mechanical parts of the engine and contaminate its oil. If this flow of air is obstructed, it could cause your engine to lose efficiency.

A common rule of thumb is to replace your filter every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, but that poses a problem – when people are done with their old, non-recyclable air filters they end up in a landfill. That’s not very green.

Most consumer air filters on the market today are made of paper that tends to clog very easily, blocking the flow of air to your engine. If the air flow is blocked even in the slightest, your engine could start burning more gas and losing efficiency. This can hurt your pocket while also hurting the environment. Fortunately there are different air filters that are making their way onto the consumer market. These filters, many of which are considered high-performance filters, are made of slightly different materials including cross-woven cotton and cotton gauze that are washable and re-usable. These materials also claim to allow for better air-flow, increasing the amount of oxygen and therefore allowing a more complete fuel burn.

There is one thing to note about these permanent air filters – They are a bit more pricey ($30 – $50) compared to the more traditional disposable paper filters ($10 – $12). This difference in price however, can be negated if you plan on keeping your current vehicle for a few years. For instance, let’s consider you own your car for five years and buy a new paper filter once a year. That will cost you roughly $50 – $60. If you pony up and buy a permanent washable filter for $40, and use it for five years, you save money.

Now, add the fact that permanent air filters save you money, to the fact that they are more eco-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint, and the decision becomes a bit easier. Permanent filters saves on the raw materials used to manufacture, package, and ship new disposable ones. It also keeps our would-be grimy old used filters out of our overflowing landfills.

The choice is yours, but we suggest you consider a permanent air filter next time your up for a tune-up, or maybe just when your car starts hacking up that nasty black smoke because it can’t breath anymore.

Banks Ram-Air® Intake System
Banks created the Ram-Air Intake System to ram power-producing air right down your engine’s throat. By lifting the restrictions that leave your rig gasping for air, Banks primes it for increased power, torque and fuel mileage.

Go Pure Power
Engineered with superior quality workmanship, aerospace technology and the highest grade of mil-spec certified Material. Made in America. A piece of performance jewelry for your engine!

Green Air Filters
Pop open your air filter box, remove your stock filter and drop in a GreenFilterUSA High Performance Air Filter. Clean, free-flowing air is as critical to your engine’s performance as the octane of your fuel. Reduce the restrictions in your intake system, and you’ll increase the output of your engine. GreenFilterUSA High Performance Air Filters are engineered to maximize airflow while trapping harmful dirt particles. The result of this race-proven technology is increased horsepower, improved throttle response, better fuel mileage and greater torque. Payback is in as little as two years. And, you won’t be throwing anything out.

K & N Performance Air Filters
K & N Air Filters increase airflow which translates into better fuel economy and performance. This is the same filter used in the Indy race Series. This K&N air filter is designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted airflow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life.

K&N Filter Cleaner Kit
The K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit was created to ensure your K&N filter is performing at its best. While protecting and enhancing your engine’s performance, the K&N air filter traps loads of dust, dirt and debris in its cotton-gauze filter medium.  Under normal driving conditions, between 30,000 and 50,000 miles, it’s time for a scrub with the K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit. After the filter has been swabbed, simply add the oil and you’re ready to roll. And, you can choose either an aerosol spray can or a squeezable bottle to apply the oil.

Replacing your car’s air filter with PurolatorONE™ helps protect engines from premature wear, improves acceleration and boosts overall engine efficiency.