Electrical System

New eco-friendly spark plugs are designed to burn the fuel in your engine more completely, leading to higher gas mileage, better performance and lower emissions.  These spark plugs use innovative technologies such as high-energy pulsing and star shape plug tips, providing increased pressure in the combustion chamber. Other new ideas under the hood include advanced spark plug wires and super-efficient replacement lighting that put less strain on the electrical system.

AquaPulser revolutionary Plasma Ignition Kits
Using AquaPulser’s revolutionary Plasma Ignition Kits dramatically improves fuel economy with a much broader selection of fuel combinations and mix ratios, reduces pollution, and improves performance.

E3 spark plugs
E3 spark plugs uses the advanced DiamondFire design which increases combustion pressure in the engine. Faster flame speed and improvements in the direction of the flame front result in a marked increase in power output, fuel economy and reduced emissions in gasoline engines.

Granatelli MPG Plus
Granatelli MPG Plus high performance ignition wires increases miles per gallon up to 15%.  It also increases horsepower and torque, and allows easier engine starts. Custom tailored for by vehicle for easy installation. Money back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty.

The PowerSTAR spark plugs look like an ordinary spark plug except for the star shape tip. This creates multiple point gaps that allow for faster starts and less fouling.  A more complete burn of the air/fuel mixture reduces the amount of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). PowerSTAR spark plugs burn more of the fuel that would be sent out the exhaust pipe that contributes to smog. The PowerSTAR spark plugs gets better fuel economy and allows the catalytic converter to not have to work as hard.

Pulstar Spark Plug
The Pulstar is a new eco-friendly pulse plug that uses an advanced technology to make every drop of gas burn better and cleaner. This new technology, with its eight patents, is based on plasma research supported by the world famous Sandia National Laboratories. Electrical energy from the engine’s power coil is stored in the built-in capacitor. At the exact moment needed, that energy is released in an amazingly powerful and quick (two nanosecond) high-energy pulse. The result is improved combustion efficiency that burns fuel sooner and more effectively, which equals improved mpg, less CO2 based emissions and better overall drivability.