Oil Filters

Typically, every time a traditional oil change is done on your vehicle, the filter is changed. This results in an annual filter consumption of roughly 485 million filters per year. Think of all the energy and raw materials that go into the production of new oil filters – from the rubber gaskets, paper filter material and steel body, to the energy used to produce and ship it. And then think of where these nasty oil-soaked old filters end up – believe it or not – the local landfill.  Here are a few greener options.

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters 
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters feature an advanced full-synthetic media that traps and holds a greater amount of small, wear-causing contaminants compared to conventional filters. They provide extended service intervals for increased convenience, while helping reduce engine wear.

K&P Engineering Permanent Oil Filter
The K&P Engineering filter element is made from medical grade stainless steel micronic filter cloth to provide unmatched protection against oil contamination and resultant engine damage. A one inch square of this material flows an incredible 1.9 gallons of oil per minute.Finally, the filter housing is carved out of a solid chunk of billet aluminum, which not only looks trick but aids in dissipating heat. The K&P Engineering oil filter could be the last filter you ever buy.

microGreen Oil Filters
The microGreen oil filter is the most advanced technological leap in engine filtration in 30 years. It replaces a conventional oil filter assembly without requiring any modifications to the engine or filter housing. By continuously filtering a small portion of the engine oil through the patented microfilter system, the microGreen filtration system allows your vehicle to operate up to 30,000 miles without changing the engine oil.