Remanufactured Parts

Whether doing it yourself or having your mechanic take care of it, when your car needs repairs, you have the option of buying a new replacement part or a part that’s been remanufactured.

Remanufactured parts can cost 25-50 percent less than domestically made new replacement parts, and often carry the same warranty or better, according to The Automotive Parts Remanufacturer’s Association (APRA). Remanufacturing can often improve the original design by using re-engineering techniques to determine why a part failed prematurely.

There are also new replacement parts that are cheaper and compete with “remaned” parts. These parts come from so-called “low-cost countries” such as China. Many people often opt for these parts due to their low price, but buyer beware – they might be made with sub-par materials often do not fit properly and may fail sooner.

With growing amounts of new replacement parts coming from China, there is also growing sense of concern. Not all parts manufactured in China are unsafe, but it is advised to use caution when buying discounted replacement parts from any “low cost country.”

Not buying a brand new component means using fewer raw materials such as aluminum, steel and copper. According to the APRA, “Rebuilt engines require 50% of the energy and 67% of the labor that is required to build new engines.” Less energy means reduced emissions. And, buying remanufactured keeps one more used part out of the landfill. Buying domestic “remaned” parts also cuts out the need for shipping, saving a considerable amount of energy.

Arc Remanufacturing
Remanufactured parts includes power steering rack and pinions, power steering pumps, front wheel drive axles, brake calipers, ignition distributors, wiper motors, window lifts and more.

A leading remanufacturing supplier.

ReTech, Division of Universal Mfg. Co., is an automotive replacement parts remanufacturer and distributor, located in Algona, IA.

USA Industries
Distributor of premium quality re-manufactured alternators, starters, CV axles and disc brake calipers.