Levant Power Corp. has identified an alternative energy source previously untapped by vehicles: the suspension system. The energy of a vehicle traversing varying roads and terrain is significant and currently dissipated as heat through conventional shock absorbers. GenShock recovers this energy and utilizes it for fuel economy gains, providing additional onboard electricity. In addition to extending a vehicle’s range, GenShock improves ride quality via an adaptable, variable-damping suspension. GenShock is a turnkey replacement for standard shock absorbers, requiring minimal installation time and little to no maintenance.

Levant Power – GenShock
Balancing the comfort and handling of a vehicle is one of the most vexing challenges vehicle engineers face. They painstakingly tune shim stacks, seals and gas pressure to achieve the desired mix. The problem is that ride comfort requires a soft suspension so bumps are absorbed easily, while vehicle handling requires a stiff suspension for safety and road contact. Levant Power eliminates this compromise with GenShock, a fully active, regenerative suspension system.