Wheel Weights

Wheel weights are used to properly balance automotive tires. For years, the only option was lead.

However, lead wheel weights are toxic to humans, fish and wildlife. Once they fall off vehicles into roadways, they erode and create lead dust that contaminates soil and waterways.

The federal government and the EPA has been slow taking action to phase out lead wheel weights. The states have taken charge – California, Illinois, Maine, New York, Vermont and Washington were the first states to ban lead wheel weights. Minne­sota just passed a ban.

Non-lead options include steel and zinc. Plain steel weights can create a corrosion issue with alloy wheels. The market has responded with coated steel weights. About 50 percent of auto repair shops offer consumers a non-lead option.

Tire Review – When (If) Lead is Banned

BADA manufactures a patented clip-in-mass design offering “superior fit,” with coating that resists corrosion, even from chemical-based wheel cleaners.

A leading manufacturer of zinc, steel and lead wheel weights, based in Quebec. Offers the Plasteel coated steel weight, offering precise fit and exceptional corrosion protection.

Perfect Equipment
Provides the market with material options including zinc, steel and lead wheel weights.