Green Car Services

Choosing an eco-friendly taxi or limousine service gives you the power to minimize harmful emissions when you’re not behind the wheel.

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation
San Francisco-based. Bauer’s uses smart technology on all vehicles to enhance green training efforts. Thirty vehicles in the fleet are sold every year and replaced with hybrids, CNG, propane or bio-diesel engines.

Serlin International Limousine
Serlin offers the Hybrid Electric Royale Sedan – by extending the chassis and rear doors of a standard Ford Fusion hybrid, the Royale offers nearly 95% of the rear leg and shoulder room of the Lincoln Town Car while delivering twice the fuel economy in a luxury platform.

Clean Air Limo
Serves Austin, TX. The entire fleet is composed only of hybrids, biodiesel-fueled and ethanol-fueled vehicles. All use up to 60% less fuel than a conventional Lincoln Town Car and produce fewer emissions than traditional gas-only vehicles.

Driven Eco
Driven Eco provides environmentally conscious, luxury chauffeured transportation by using eco-friendly solutions while not compromising service and comfort.

East Coast Worldwide Limousine
Hybrid vehicle options include the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima hybrid, Lexus Rx400h and Toyota Highlander. East Coast also offers its corporate clients specific ride sharing programs to increase cost efficiency and lower overall carbon foot

Eco-friendly transportation service in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

ecoShuttle is an eco-friendly charter bus and commuter shuttle service. We are family and locally owned and operated in the Portland, OR area.

enviroCAB is based on a simple premise – taxi cab users should be able to ride in an environmentally sustainable taxicab. An enviroCAB is estimated to produce 60% less emissions than standard cabs now operating in Arlington. enviroCAB will also offset its remaining emissions by buying offset credits.

Green Limousine Colorado
Green Limousine in Vail, Colorado offers eco-friendly luxury transportation service. Choose to ride in style while promoting renewable energy.

Green Shuttle of Cape Cod
The Green Shuttle of Cape Cod is the first all-green private car service combining the use of environmentally responsible cars and in-vehicle Wi-Fi.

OZOcar is the largest fleet of low-emission vehicles in the New York metropolitan area. Their fleet of Prius, Toyota Camry and Lexus hybrids use 70% less fuel than conventional Lincoln Town Cars and emit 90% fewer carbon forming emissions.

Planet Tran provides reliable, convenient and eco-friendly chauffeur-driven transportation in greater Boston and the San Francisco Bay area.