Green Car Washes

Go to the carwash lately? You are not alone. An estimated 100 million drivers opt for a carwash annually.

Washing your car is as American as… well, apple pie. When Spring rolls around, it’s one of life’s simple and satisfying pleasures, requiring only some soap and water, and of course your best friend… a dirty automobile in need of washing. Unfortunately, the residue that’s rinsed off after washing the car runs down the driveway and ends up in our rivers, lakes, and streams, polluting the local water supply. But don’t fret, there are some environmentally friendly solutions to savor the joy of scrubbing your own car on a warm Spring day.

Green Car Products

When washing your car at home, there are a number of products you can use to lessen the amount of chemicals released into the waterways, and environment. Biodegradable car wash products, such as Simple Green Car Wash, lessen the impact of cleaning your car at home. You can also opt to make your own “home brew,” by mixing one cup liquid dishwashing detergent and 3/4 cup powdered laundry detergent with 3 gallons of water. (Just be sure that the soaps you use are chlorine and phosphate-free, and don’t come form petroleum-based sources.)

If you opt for the home-cleaning option, just be sure to buy (or make) a green car wash product, and wash your car on the grass or dirt, which will absorb the toxic waste water and become neutralized in the soil (instead of running directly into storm drains and open water bodies). This will also keep thirsty animals from drinking the soapy residue up.

Waterless Car Wash

Although waterless products won’t produce the same quality that conventional car wash methods would, this is an incredibly “green” way to clean your car. The Eco Touch Premium Car Care products are terrific products that have a minimal impact on the environment throughout each product’s entire life-cycle.  These products offer an effective and efficient alternative to conventional care care products.

Commercial Car Wash

If you are looking to clean your car quickly and effectively, and don’t mind paying a few bucks, commercial car washes are the one of the most efficient (in terms of the environment and your time) options. Most commercial car washes are required to treat the dirty water before it is released into the environment, and their mechanical washing systems monitor the water usage and pressure to reduce waste. The federal Clean Water Act mandates commercial carwashes to discharge their dirty water into a company-owned sewer or recycle for another use. Why? Because water flowing through traditional storm drains will eventually end up in lakes and rivers. Commercial carwashes use less water per vehicle than doing it yourself at home.

International Carwash Association
The WaterSavers program is open to all members of the International Carwash Association. Participation in the WaterSavers program requires that a car wash reclaim or recycle its treated water for future wash cycles and discharges effluent to a sanitary sewer or leech field. Each car wash location must be able to verify that they meet these requirements and maintain verification records on each car wash site.