An incredible amount of gas is wasted searching for free parking on the street.  A few services have emerged that help drivers locate a free parking spot or a deal at a parking garage.

BestParking is a free parking search engine that steers drivers towards the cheapest and most convenient parking facilities in 30 cities and 79 airports.

Green Parking Council
The Green Parking Council (GPC) is a nonprofit organization providing leadership and oversight for the green conversion of parking facilities to sustainable, environmentally responsible assets. GPC is dedicated to expanding green parking practices through developing certification and credentialing programs, open-sourced standards, professional leadership and educational development and training for organizations and individuals in the parking industry.

Luxe Valet
Founded and based in San Francisco, Luxe is a new service that sends valets to park for you, wherever you are – it’s fast, affordable and convenient.

Pango Mobile Parking with Pay-by-Phone technology gives you a smarter and easier way to park and pay. No longer do you have to look for change, deal with parking machines or worry about a costly parking ticket.

ParkEdge is an easy-to-use, web-based tool that empowers parking providers around the globe to self publish real-time parking availability, capture reservations, and run promotions via Parker, the market leading parking guidance app for smartphones, compatible tablets and in-car navigation systems

Find open, available parking spots in Los Angeles,  Boston, Indianapolis and more. See prices and hours for 24,000 garages and lots; one touch turn-by-turn voice navigation.

Parking Panda
Find guaranteed reserved parking online. Search over 500,000 parking spaces, reserve discounted and hassle-free parking instantly with Parking Panda.

Parkio designs and build enterprise-grade software solutions that tackle problems around transportation and parking.

Roadify Transit is a data platform and mobile application for transit information. We use open data to solve a universal problem—and make it easy for people to learn when their bus, train, subway, etc is coming and why it’s late if it’s not there. Roadify distributes this information via iPhone and Android smartphone apps and the TransitBoard service on public signage at entertainment venues, transit hubs, retail locations and other sites along transit routes.

Valet Anywhere picks up your car, parks it, and returns it directly to you – for $11/hr.

From parking, to gas, to an oil change: we’ll take care of your car with the tap of a button