Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is the shared use of a car or van by the driver and one or more passengers. Also known as carpooling and vanpooling, ride sharing can ease the cost and stress of commuting through the use of a private or jointly hired vehicle for shared trips.

Ride sharing decreases the costs incurred by repetitive or long distance driving such as gas and tolls. By reducing the number of cars on the road, ride sharing reduces emissions and the need for parking spaces. Time spent commuting can also be shortened by ride sharing. Transportation authorities often designate high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to support ride sharing due to the resulting traffic reduction and increased use of mass transit.

Companies or local authorities often encourage ride sharing by providing listing facilities (bulletin boards or websites), designated pick-up areas, preferential parking and advice. Third-party ride share agencies also provide services in certain areas. In recent years, ride sharing has grown more efficient and widespread through use of the internet and mobile phones.

Working late? Have an unexpected midday emergency? Don’t worry, you won’t be stranded at work. Commute using an alternative form of transportation and you could be eligible for a free ride home. Many ride share agencies and programs offer “Guaranteed Ride Home” (GRH) options. Also referred to as “Emergency Ride Home,” GRH services helps increase mass transit use, ride sharing and reduces harmful emissions by giving commuters a way to leave work in the event of an emergency or unexpected need to work late. There are so many benefits to ride sharing that’s it’s easy to forget that just because someone else is responsible for driving the car, doesn’t mean you’re immune from potential accidents. Check out these ride sharing accident facts to make sure you’re fully aware of the risks involved in ride sharing, and take precautions to make sure your driver is fully qualified with a record of exemplary driving, before making the most of this useful option. Here are some established ride share companies that you could try.

511NY Ride Share
511NY Rideshare, sponsored by New York State Department of Transportation, features an online ridematching system. It also provides access to New York State’s 511NY network for real-time travel, transit and traffic updates. Currently registered users of the NuRide program or CommuterLink’s rideshare system will be automatically enrolled in 511NY Rideshare’s ridematching system.

Alameda County Guaranteed Ride Home Program
The Alameda County Guaranteed Ride Home Program does just what it says. It guarantees a ride home from work when unexpected circumstances arise. All employers located in Alameda County are eligible (Northern California).

AlterNetRides is the premier way to encourage all forms of alternative transportation: carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, using public transportation and more.

Car-Free Diet
Car-Free Diet is the easy, fun way to see how incredible it can feel to live a car-free or car-lite lifestyle. Each time you leave your car at home — choosing instead to ride ART or Metro, bike, walk or telework – commuters save money, improve their health and help the environment.

Carma automatically introduces people with similar commutes. After hopping in a driver’s car, the rider taps ‘Start trip’ to start logging the trip. Once at the destination, the rider taps ‘End trip’ to complete the journey. The trip is then logged, and reimbursement is automatically transferred from rider to driver.

CarpoolWorld is a free online carpool and ride share matching service. Users can post listings and browse carpool options in various locations all over the world. CarpoolWorld can also provide a matching system for schools, hospitals and businesses. Services like CarpoolWorld make it easier for people to decrease the number of vehicles on the road, save money on fuel, and reduce emissions.

Commute.org is San Mateo county’s Transportation Demand Management Agency, in Northern California. Their mission is to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles traveling in, to and through San Mateo county, reducing vehicle emissions resulting in improved air quality.

CommuterChoice.com website provides an open service to employers, commuters, and Commuter Choice service providers throughout the United States. CommuterChoice.com’s mission is to help employers connect with service providers in their local areas.

New York City. CommuterLink helps people improve their commute to work by encouraging the use of carpooling, mass transit and other alternatives to driving alone. The only “alternative transportation management” organization in New York City, it provides a broad range of free services to businesses and commuters in the five boroughs, including an online ridematching service for carpoolers, mass transit itineraries, customized Commuter Benefits programs for companies like pre-tax subsidies, and much more.

Offers a simple bulletin board format organized by city and/or state. The rideshare postings are found in the Community section.

Connects commuters or cross-country travelers going the same destination.

Provides commuter rideshare services to Canada and the United States.

GreenRide is a suite of sustainable transportation solutions designed to streamline and integrate mobility management programs. The GreenRide solution includes web-based solutions for carpooling, vanpooling, bike buddies, transit, and high occupancy toll lanes.

An international bulletin for hitchhikers and drivers to find each other.

iCarpool offers state of the art real-time ride sharing tools available on smartphones. iCarpool has pioneered cascading matching – this allows existing recurring (regular schedule) carpools and vanpools, planned one time trip carpools and event carpools to match with real-time users.

Lyft is a friendly and affordable transportation option. Just tap a button and in minutes you’ll be riding in the front seat with a new friend. However, if you are to experience difficulties such as a crash during your journey, you may need to get in contact with someone like a lyft accident lawyer, as they can help you if you find yourself in any kind of legal battle due to an event occurring in a Lyft. Anyway, Lyft is currently available in San Francisco, LA and Seattle, and will be coming to your neighborhood very soon. Download the app today!

MetroPool provides free commuter services to employers and commuters with the support of the Connecticut and New York Departments of Transportation. Services are available to commuters traveling to destinations in Fairfield County, Connecticut; and Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties in New York. MetroPool encourages the use of transportation alternatives such as carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus or train, bicycling, walking, compressed work weeks and telecommuting.

NJ Commuter
Sharing the ride with just one other person can cut your commuting costs in half. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and its transportation management associations (TMAs) statewide can match you with others who wish to share a ride to the same destination. You can fill out an application and request a matchlist of possible commute partners. The TMAs can also provide information about telecommuting and alternative work schedules.

Members are rewarded for using alternative forms of transportation such as carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, telecommuting or public transit. Free to join and free to use and is supported by sponsors who reward NuRide members for reducing global warming, traffic congestion and energy consumption.

Ride Amigos
The Ride Amigos toolkit helps cities, events, and organizations reduce single occupancy vehicle rates and encourage smarter travel, providing people with the tools to travel within the community, not through it.

Ride Shark
Software company provides ride matching, ride sharing and car pool matching services for municipalities, universities and corporations.

RideLinks offers web-based ridematching to help them find carpool partners within your organization. Join forces with neighboring companies to create greater matching potential. Manage and track your program with user-friendly reports.

RideShare Delaware
DART’s RideShare Delaware is a service of DART First State dedicated to aiding commuters with finding and using alternative modes of transportation. DART’s RideShare Delaware offers free ridematching services for commuters working in Delaware as well as for parents of Delaware school students; an emergency ride home benefit for registered commuters actively ridesharing to work; vanpool services; and, transportation benefit assistance to employers in Delaware.

RideshareOnline is the resource for commuting options in the Northwest. This regional project is managed by Washington State Department of Transportation and is currently available in Washington and Idaho. RideshareOnline.com assists commuters by providing free carpool, vanpool and bicycle ridematching services, bus/rail options, SchoolPool carpooling programs for parents, and information about the benefits of teleworking from home.

GeorgiaCommuteOptions matches commuters who live and work in Georgia with possible carpool, vanpool and bike partners, existing vanpools with open seats plus available transit options. Also includes a Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) component.

ShareTheRide, based in Phoenix, AZ , uses state-of-the-art mapping technology to search for matches around or along your commuting route. It displays those matches to you on an interactive Google map, and allows you to send an e-mail to potential matches.


A safe, carpooling alternative for your kids. The services provided are very similar to well know ride sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft.

Side Car
Sidecar’s smartphone app matches everyday people in their own car with people nearby for shared rides. It’s a fast, safe and fun way to get around the city, meet new people and keep extra cars off the road. Sidecar is a totally different transportation experience.

South Florida Commuter Services
The South Florida Commuter Services is a one-stop shop for commuter information as the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) regional commuter assistance program. The program is dedicated to improving traffic conditions by promoting alternatives to drive-alone commuting.

Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority
The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority assists commuter and businesses in ways to both conserve and cut the costs associated with commuting to and from work. Programs include car pooling, van pooling, ERH and Bike Buddy.

The Rideshare Company
The Rideshare Company improves the daily business commute for thousands of Northeasterners with innovative transportation solutions. It operates the third largest vanpool network in the country.

The RideShare Connection
Kansas City, MO. The RideShare Connection (formerly the Carpool Connection) is a free, easy and convenient service that connects commuters throughout Greater Kansas City, Lawrence and St. Joseph who are interested in carpooling.

Trans Canada Carpool
Based in British Columbia, Carpool.ca actively promotes the development of rideshare programs while raising public awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of rideshare programs.

Trapeze enables municipal planning organizations, transit agencies and other transportation management organizations with automated alternative commuting software that manages and delivers ride-sharing and other alternative commuting services. – See more at: http://www.trapezegroup.com/solutions/ride-sharing-management#sthash.XkmAUNKc.dpuf\Trapeze enables municipal planning organizations, transit agencies and other transportation management organizations with automated alternative commuting software that manages and delivers ride-sharing and other alternative commuting services
Trapeze enables municipal planning organizations, transit agencies and other transportation management organizations with automated alternative commuting software that manages and delivers ride-sharing and other alternative commuting services – See more at: http://www.trapezegroup.com/solutions/ride-sharing-management#sthash.XkmAUNKc.dpuf
Trapeze enables municipal planning organizations, transit agencies and other transportation management organizations with automated alternative commuting software that manages and delivers ride-sharing and other alternative commuting services – See more at: http://www.trapezegroup.com/solutions/ride-sharing-management#sthash.XkmAUNKc.dpuf

vRide is a ride sharing platform that provides an economical way to get employees to work.

Way to Go is a regional partnership between the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and a dedicated group of Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) working together to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and make life better for the region’s residents. Way to Go offers real-life solutions helping commuters save money, experience less stress, and save time, so that they can focus more on the things they enjoy.

The world’s leading social online ride-sharing company. Zimride works with companies, universities, bands, and municipalities around the globe. The ride-sharing community is based on simple and intuitive software, which combines Google Maps, familiar social networking components and a proprietary ride-matching algorithm.